The Assessment Lead Programme

  • Whole-school impact

    The programme activates change on three levels; individual practitioners, within a department or phase and across the whole school.

  • Flexible learning

    Flexible learning to fit around your timetable. All of the learning is done online, or in the classroom, and can be accessed at any time!

  • No travel or cover costs

    All learning material, tools, resources and support are delivered via a personalised and engaging online learning platform.

  • Minimum of two staff

    The research evidence indicates that structured collaboration and peer support is a common feature of effective CPD.

  • Video and audio clips from leading experts and practitioners

    We have collaborated with some of the biggest names in assessment, including Dylan Wiliam, Daisy Christodoulou and John Hattie.

  • Discussion Boards

    Join the international community of Assessment Leads and discuss assessment theory and thoughts on the discussion boards!

What's the format?

The programme is flexible, but structured and well-supported. You will enjoy:

  • 50 hours of professional learning aligned with the best available evidence

  • Tools and resources to guide, support and implement change

  • Structured collaboration and support – you are not alone!

Course Curriculum

Understanding Assessment 

Gain a robust understanding of key assessment concepts, including our four pillars of assessment. Lay firm foundations for the practical design and analysis work of Modules 2 and 3. 

Designing Assessment

Enjoy working through a practical and iterative process of designing and trialling assessments – both formative and summative – with your pupils. 

Analysing Assessment

Analyse assessment data and fine-tune questions to improve formative and summative assessments. Develop practice in evidence-based curriculum planning and tracking progress.

Leading Assessment

Create an evidence-based school assessment system. Define roles and responsibilities and improve policy and practice across your whole staff.

Download the course curriculum below!

ALP Course Curriculum.pdf